Authenteq has launched a blockchain identity verification software to combat online trolls. The verification software is called Trollteq, and it has the ability to change the online experience drastically. Technological advancements that we could only dream of in the past are now realities. While technology is already advancing at a rapid pace, it is becoming clear that blockchain will accelerate the advancements further. With new forms of technology come new scams and trolls, so it is essential to nip blockchain scams and trolls in the bud with tactics such as Trollteq.

Online trolling is not new, but it is ubiquitous. From Twitter to Reddit, it’s difficult to escape trolling. This said, trolling can be harmless in some cases. But not always. Trolls can be harmful to mental health in the cases of cyberbullying, they can pose actual threats to online users’ safety, and they can dangerous to one’s security, both online and off. It can also be quite dangerous when the trolls are not human and simply AI programmed to conduct scams at high volumes.

Online trolling is a very real, very relevant problem, and no matter how many troll accounts are caught, there are still new ones emerging at all times.

How Does Trollteq Work?

Trollteq uses an identity verification process which takes a user under 90 seconds to complete. Users must take a selfie on their smartphones. Next, they will take a photo of their government-issued photo ID to cross-reference. Authenteq will verify that both images are of the individual creating the account and attach those images to the new user account. During this process, it also verifies that you are, in fact, a human.

This identification can only be used to sign up for one account. Each platform using Trollteq will require completion of the process. You only get one authentication per-platform, as well. So, if you are banned, you will remain banned and unable to start new accounts. Authenteq uses blockchain technology to store a hash code that quickly verifies you when you are looking to open a new account.

What About My Security and Privacy?

Blockchain Identity Verification Tackles Internet Trolls

Remember when computers and phones first started using fingerprint verification and people feared the government was storing their prints? Or when Alexa/Google Home first emerged and people feared they were being listened to and recorded 24/7? We completely get it. New technological capabilities open the door for ill-intention just as much as they open the door to positive possibilities. With this said, there is no cause for concern when it comes to Authenteq’s Trollteq technology. Trollteq relies on blockchain for the storage of their data. Therefore, they do not own the information. They cannot manipulate, distribute, or tamper with your data in any way.

Moreover, if law enforcement requests your information, Authenteq will be unable to provide the information as it is not theirs. Trollteq does not save any user data, so there is no cause for concern.

Authenteq’s identity verification requires a buy-in from platforms (such as social media platforms). Though, we believe it is an attractive option for online platforms to decrease tolling, increase accountability on their platforms, and improve the overall user experience.