Johnny Depp is getting in on the ground floor of the new cryptocurrency platform TaTaTu just two months after news surfaced that he was being eyed to play late cryptocurrency billionaire Matthew Mellon.

On October 22, Depp signed a deal that will partner his creative talents with Andrea Iervolino’s cryptocurrency-based social entertainment platform. Depp will help develop concepts and produce digital content for TaTaTu.

Johnny Depp To Develop and Produce Content for Crypto-Based TaTaTu

TaTaTu launched six months ago with a unique vision for the entertainment industry: decentralization.

Rather than the typical top-down hierarchies that control what content companies produce and how, TaTaTu has a different, disruptive idea. That idea is to financially incentivize viewer participation in the platform by awarding tokens. Viewers watch something, connect with friends, stream a new film and vote in polls about future content. And in return, TaTaTu rewards them with its own TTU (TTU) tokens.

This summer, TaTaTu closed on a $575 million token pre-sale, making it the third-largest ICO in the world. Rewards are a great way to attract subscribers to the platform, but keeping them there requires good content. And that’s where Johnny Depp comes in. Under his deal with TaTaTu, Depp will have a direct hand in developing content, including films, for the platform.

TaTaTu doesn’t just reward its subscribers with its tokens, either. Creators also get paid with TTU tokens. And that means Johnny Depp will be receiving at least some of his payment in crypto. Currently, TaTaTu trades on the cryptocurrency exchange Liquid, where it’s possible to convert it to other tokens/coins and fiat.

At the time of this writing, TTU tokens are trading at $0.127 USD, with a market capitalization of $12.2 billion. Of the total supply of ten billion, rough 97 million are currently in circulation.

Entertainment Industry Embraces Crypto’s Disruptiveness

TaTaTu founder Andrea Iervolino runs AMBI Media Group alongside Monica Bacardi. Depp and Iervolino are also working together on another project, an adaptation of J.M. Coetzee’s novel Waiting for the Barbarians. The recent deal will bring TaTaTu aboard that project, too.

Johnny Depp considers his role with TaTaTu one of furthering “this era of democratized entertainment.” He’s looking forward to a “liberating, progressive” collaboration with Iervolino.