Our Music Festival (OMF), the world’s first crypto-powered music festival, will take place in the San Fransisco Bay Area this October. But what is a crypto-powered music festival? And, most importantly, who will be playing? Here’s everything you need to know about Our Music Festival (OMF).

A Festival Powered By Cryptocurrency

What exactly is a crypto-powered music festival? Our Music Festival (OMF) will be using its own cryptocurrency, the OMF Token, for all things festival-related. This could include tickets, products, services, food, beverage, and more.

On top of using cryptocurrency for transactions, Our Music Festival (OMF) will also have a “crypto corner” where people can engage with the world’s top blockchain companies and learn more about cryptocurrency.

Our Music Festival (OMF) Lineup

This cryptocurrency music festival’s stacked lineup includes Zedd, Big Sean, Matt and Kim, 3LAU, and Charlotte Lawrence. In fact, 3LAU, a.k.a. Justin Blau is one of the festival’s co-founders.

Our Music Festival (OMF) will take place at Berkeley University’s Greek Theatre on October 20, 2018. It’s one day only, running between 4-11 pm.

According to their overview:

“Our Music Festival (OMF) is creating the first decentralized music festival network powered by a cryptocurrency (OMF Token) that will be redeemable for products, services, and experiences (physical, digital & virtual) within the network

This legendary Greek Theatre has a capacity of 8,500. Tickets range from $79.50-$350.00 from general admission to the Ultra VIP experience. OMF’s pre-sale tickets sold out in under an hour. 

Beyond the Festival

Beyond Our Music Festival, the festival’s founders hope to use OMF tokens as a means to combat ticket price inflation, counterfeiting, and scalping. This cryptocurrency music festival could pave way for other festivals to incorporate cryptocurrency into their operations.

Blockchain has applications in the music industry beyond festivals. Today, blockchain technology is already serving as a means to stream music and support artists.