The long-awaited Bitcoin Cash (BCH) fork just happened, giving us two different cryptocurrencies: BCH SV vs BCH ABC. What happens now? Here’s how these new cryptocurrencies compare to one another.

How do these two new cryptocurrencies compare? The following is an overview of miners, hash rates, developers, supporters and more for each more crypto.


  • Developer Team: nChain
  • Block Size: 128MB
  • Hash Rate: 69-71%
  • Blocks Mined: 5
  • Mining Pools: SVPool, Mempool
  • CTOR (Canonical Transaction Ordering): No
  • Oracles (for Smart Contracts): No
  • Supporters:
    • Calvin Ayre
    • Craig Wright
    • Jimmy Nguyen
    • CoinGeek


  • Developer Team: Bitcoin ABC
  • Block Size: 32MB
  • Hash Rate: 18-28%
  • Blocks Mined: 10
  • Mining Pools:,
  • CTOR: Yes
  • Oracles: Yes
  • Supporters:
    • Roger Ver
    • Jihan Wu
    • Bitmain
    • OpenBazaar

BCH SV vs BCH ABC: What You Need to Know

The Bitcoin Cash (BCH) fork, which is technically a hard fork, created two cryptocurrencies on November 15, 2018: BCH SV vs BCH ABC.

1. Each fork has important supporters.
Some of the biggest names in Bitcoin are involved in the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) fork, including Roger Ver, Craig Wright and Bitmain.

2. Bitcoin Cash SV has a much higher hash rate.
Bitcoin Cash SV’s hash rate is currently a little under 400% larger than Bitcoin Cash ABC’s, according to recent data. Hash rate is the computational power it takes to process a transaction on the network. It’s determined by the number of miners on a network.

3. Bitcoin Cash ABC is making more changes.
As its name indicates, Bitcoin Cash SV, which stands for “Satoshi’s Vision”, is going back to an earlier form of Bitcoin rather than fundamentally changing the protocol.

There are two main changes:

  • Canonical Transaction Ordering Rule (CTOR) is a way of ordering transactions that theoretically simplifies block creation, according to some proposals.
  • Oracles is a type of technology that adds ‘real world’ information to a blockchain-based smart contract. In essence, an oracle is a data feed.

4. Bitcoin SV is increasing block size by a lot.
Specifically, SV block size is going from 32 to 128MB. ABC could potentially increase block size in the future, but they are not as of present.

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Fork Crypto Comparison

Though they both come from the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) blockchain, Bitcoin ABC and Bitcoin SV and the developers behind them have distinct ideas of how the cryptocurrency should progress.