Cloudflare “Crypto Week” has officially kicked off. Crypto Week opens the door for a number of significant developments intended to improve the internet as we know it. Each day this week, Cloudflare will announce their support for a new cutting-edge technology using cryptography. The first launch is their Distributed Web Gateway and browser extension.

Crypto Week’s First Announcement

With the start of Cloudflare’s Crypto Week, comes the launch of Cloudflare’s IPFS Gateway. IPFS (InterPlanetary File System) is a peer-to-peer system which utilizes the computing power of thousands of computers around the world. These computers store files on behalf of the network. Put simply, IPFS is a decentralized method of file storage. This type of storage is free as it does not rely on expensive hosting providers.

IPFS data is content-addressed, rather than location-addressed. Each block of data in an IPFS includes a cryptographic hash which indicates its contents. Though this may seem like an insignificant variation from traditional networks, this type of addressing improves ease of use and security for users, among other things.

Cloudflare’s IPFS Gateway

Cloudflare’s IPFS Gateway is particularly compelling. It allows you to access billions of files stored on the worldwide IPFS right from your browser. Furthermore, you can actually build your own website fully hosted on IPFS. Websites hosted on the Cloudflare IPFS will still be available at your custom domain name. Additionally, Cloudflare will provide a free SSL certificate to all websites connected to their gateway. The SSL certificate will ensure security from snooping and manipulation. The IPFS Gateway will be hosted at Above all else, it will act as an innovative platform for reliable and secure web applications.

What to Expect From the Rest of Crypto Week

First and foremost, the information that Cloudflare is putting forth regarding their new developments is highly educational, accessible, and useful for individuals at all levels of tech literacy. In their first announcement regarding their Distributed IPFS Gateway, they go into great depth about IPFS itself, the various use cases, how to maintain security on the platform, and more. On top of this, they provide a number of infographics to further assist with reader understanding.

If their first announcement is any indication, Cloudflare will be introducing innovative uses for emerging technology in a way which everyone can understand and benefit from. Tech Week will produce intriguing, innovative uses for cryptography that will, without a doubt, improve the web as a whole.  The decentralized nature of the first announcement leads us to wonder if the rest will utilize blockchain technology, as well. Though the use of cryptography doesn’t necessitate the use of cryptocurrency, we are eager to see what the week’s ramifications for cryptocurrency may be.