With technological advances come new avenues for malicious intent. It’s sad, but it’s true. Hacks, scams, and malware are all over the internet. Unfortunately, though blockchain and cryptocurrency are remarkably secure, there are always vulnerabilities on account of malicious human intentions. Luckily, popular internet browsers are recognizing and targeting some of these harmful circumstances. In specific, Firefox is now gearing up to implement bans on crypto mining malware scripts within their browser.

What is Crypto Mining Malware?

Crypto mining malware is also referred to as crypto jacking. Essentially, it is the non-consensual use of other computer’s resources in order to mine cryptocurrency. Typically, crypto mining malware focuses on one resource in specific: power. As you may know, the mining of cryptocurrency uses an alarming amount of power. Therefore, greedy crypto miners may lean on crypto mining malware as a way to use the power of multiple computing systems at once to mine at a faster rate or save money on the mining power.

Such is the case with most malware, there are many ways an innocent user’s computer may become infected. For example, clicking on suspicious links or visiting infected sites.  Additionally, it can be challenging for a user to notice if mining malware scripts are running on their device. Individuals who own computers which they only use recreationally typically don’t require much power to conduct their computing activities. As such, there’s a chance a user will not notice if their excess power is being stolen. Though at times undetectable, the malware is dangerous and can have lasting damage on one’s computer or worse, compromise their cybersecurity.

In Steps Firefox

Firefox to Ban Crypto Mining Malware Scripts

Popular browsers are taking note of the ubiquitous breed of scams. In fact, Firefox is soon to place bans on these types of malware scripts. The Mozilla Foundation (the non-profit behind Firefox) intends to block harmful practices such as these in their upcoming release.

The beta version already includes some of the blocking features. If all goes well, the next browser update will automatically include these features. Banning deceptive practices such as crypto mining malware scripts straight at the source will be immensely helpful for cybersecurity as a whole.