It takes great features, DApp integration, security and broad compatibility to be among the best ERC20 wallets today. When this new type of cryptocurrency appeared in 2016, it came with a common list of rules and requirements for all Ethereum tokens. Today, ERC20 token standardization allows thousands to operate on the same blockchain without individual, customized wallets. Instead, you can use just one wallet.

In this guide, we look at the 16 best ERC20 wallet options on the market today.

If You Use Ethereum, You Need An ERC20 Wallet

Anyone who is trading or investing in cryptocurrency on the Ethereum blockchain needs an ERC20 token wallet. Having an ERC20 token wallet provides exchange flexibility, all while opening up an entire universe of dApps, smart contracts and other applications.

Wallets of all Shapes and Sizes

Some are web-based while others are hardware wallets that store your coins offline. These are also called cold vs hot wallets. Some types of storage are paid while others don’t cost a thing.

These days, ERC20 compatibility is a fairly standard feature, but you need to keep compatibility in mind. For instance. you probably want a cryptocurrency wallet that lets you do more than exchange ERC20 tokens for Ethereum (ETH).

Some other features to consider are:

  • Future-proof compatibility
  • Support for other currencies
  • Multi-chain exchanges support
  • Access to DApps and smart contracts

Here are the 16 best ERC20 wallets. 

imToken Wallet

16 Best ERC20 Wallets


imToken 2.0 is a free mobile wallet with wide compatibility. It’s also the world’s largest Ethereum digital asset wallet. Its six million users produce approximately 10% of Ethereum’s transaction volume.

Ledger Nano S

16 Best ERC20 Wallets


Ledger Nano S is a paid, hardware wallet. The portable USB device supports a wide range of currencies including ERC20 tokens. It’s currently one of the most popular on the market.

3. MyEtherWallet

16 Best ERC20 Wallets


One of the most popular web-based wallets for Ethereum-compatible coins and tokens, MyEtherWallet stores private keys on your computer. MyEtherWallet can also write and access smart contracts, which makes it a good companion for hardware wallets like KeepKey and Ledger Nano S.

4. MetaMask

16 Best ERC20 Wallets

MetaMask Chrome Extension

MetaMask’s ease-of-use has led to its widespread popularity. It’s a browser extension Ethereum wallet that also provides access to DApps. For example, you can easily add MetaMask to Chrome or Brave.

5. Mist

16 Best ERC20 Wallets

Gil C/Shutterstock

Mist is the official Ethereum wallet. Ethereum’s own team developed it to offer secure ERC20 token wallet storage, making it one of the most secure desktop storage wallets. You can download Mist via Github, a platform for developers.

6. Trezor

16 Best ERC20 Wallets


For serious investors, the Trezor hardware wallet is a market leader in terms of security and ease-of-use. The USB compatible device has a touchscreen and is more than capable of storing any ERC20 token, in addition to many other cryptocurrencies.

7. Jaxx

16 Best ERC20 Wallets


One of the most popular mobile and desktop wallets thanks to its multi-chain compatibility, Jaxx is also a very accessible and easy to use ERC20 token wallet.

8. KeepKey

16 Best ERC20 Wallets


KeepKey is another UBS hardware wallet. Users can store Ether and several other major cryptocurrencies and altcoins. KeepKey’s distinguishing feature is its ability to general unlimited private keys.

9. Parity

16 Best ERC20 Wallets


Ethereum users swear by the Parity Wallet. Like Trust, Parity includes an integration Ethereum GUI browser so users can access DApps. It is also a full node wallet available for multiple desktop platforms.

10. Exodus

16 Best ERC20 Wallets


This desktop crypto wallet is an ideal choice for new traders and those just getting into ERC20 tokens. In other words, it has an excellent user interface and doesn’t have as many variables as a Github open-source wallet, for example.

11. Ethaddress

16 Best ERC20 Wallets

Monstar Studio/Shutterstock

One of the more unique choices on this ERC20 wallet list, Ethaddress actually prints public and private keys on paper. This affordable cold storage option is also open source.

12. Guarda



Guarda is a mobile wallet for Android. It simplifies the process of holding and exchanging tokens by eliminating registrations and complex verification procedures.

13. Trust Wallet



The Trust Wallet is an ERC20 token wallet that is completely open-source, meaning that you can modify its code for your own use. Users can also access DApps directly from the wallet thanks to its internal browser.

14. Bread Wallet

16 Best ERC20 Wallets


Bread Wallet stores private keys on-device and offers a strong list of recovery options. The mobile wallet supports many major cryptocurrencies as well as ERC20 tokens.

15. Coinomi

16 Best ERC20 Wallets


Although cross-chain management is a strength of the Coinomi wallet, it also does a great job managing ERC20 tokens. It’s a mobile wallet available on Android and iOS.

16. Eidoo

16 Best ERC20 Wallets


Though one of the less popular on this list of ERC20 token wallets, Eidoo is a viable up and comer. The Android wallet supports Ether, Bitcoin (BTC) and all ERC20 and ERC223 tokens.

The Most Popular ERC20 Token Wallets

Given how popular ERC20 tokens are today—there are more than 140,000 of them, and top market caps rank in the hundreds of millions of dollars—any cryptocurrency wallet worth your time should provide ERC20 token compatibility.

Unless you need a specialized wallet for a particular blockchain or secure cryptocurrency exchange, make sure any crypto wallet you use provides ERC20 support. Additionally, the best wallets should let you access the things that make ERC20 tokens so useful and valuable: notably, DApps and smart contracts.