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Coinbase is a well-known digital currency exchange which supports Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, and Litecoin. The exchange is headquartered in San Francisco and executes trades with fiat currencies in roughly 32 countries and facilitates Bitcoin transactions in 190 countries worldwide. Founded in 2012, the founding team was made up of Brian Armstrong and Fred Ehrsam. In 2013, the exchange received a $5 million investment from VC girl, Union Square Ventures. In December of the same year, $25 million was invested by Andreessen Horowitz, Union Square Ventures, and Ribbit Capital. Coinbase has entered into a number of notable partnerships to further their services. Some of their partnerships include Overstock, Dell, Expedia, Dish Network, and Time Inc. They also added their payment processing services to Stripe, Braintree, and PayPal. In 2015, the exchange received at $75M investment. Soon after, they launched a Bitcoin exchange for professional traders: Coinbase Exchange. In 2016, Coinbase Exchange was rebranded to Global Digital Asset Exchange and added Ether to its offering. In 2017, Coinbase received the BitLicense which allowed them to trade Ethereum and Litecoin. In May of 2018, the company announced the launch of Coinbase Pro, an evolution of GDAX. It is designed for individual cryptocurrency traders. It allows customers to actively participate in the crypto ecosystem through services such as staking and protocol voting, among other things. As a company, Coinbase is consistently releasing updates and expanding their service offerings. They are one of the most widely-used cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. Additionally, they are one of the most secure exchanges in existence. As of know, the executive team includes Brian Armstrong, Asia S Hirji, Alesia Jeanne Haas, Dr. Balaji S Srinivasan, Brian P Brooks, Jeff Horowitz, Jonathan Kellner, Nao Kitazawa, Emilie Choi, Rachael Horwitz, Michael Li, Eric Scro, and Time Wagner. The exchange has two main products: GDAX and an API for developers and merchants.