Blocklr is a media platform for all things blockchain and cryptocurrency but most importantly, Blocklr is for you. Take the information as you wish, but understand it not only will affect you but has already.

The underlying technology of the blockchain and all of the applications potential to be built on top of it have and already are changing our lives. Whether you understand what blockchain or cryptocurrency is or have even heard them in passing, the world is vastly changing and evolving.

The first big light bulb moment with technology was not the coding of it, the code or even the implications but the realization that we can harness a new thing for our own benefit. We can use technology to solve problems that we never had the ability to do before.

Once things can be done you move on to how to harness the power of how to use the technology to solve problems that we might have been just dream before. Blocklr breaks down the barriers of knowing what blockchain and cryptocurrency are and how you can use it.

Blockchain and cryptocurrency education, information and news should not be owned or stored in a centralized location, it should be shared among our peers. Join the Blocklr community to learn, engage and discuss how life is and will be positively impacted by decentralized technology. Want to know more? Read our terms and privacy pages or contact us.

Meet the writers..

Sasha Aurand
Sasha is a published social psychologist turned tech writer and editor, who is bullish on using technology to solve large problems at scale.
Adam Drury
Adam is a staff writer hailing from Corvallis, Oregon. He’s an artist, musician, and higher educator with deep roots in the cryptocurrency community. His degrees in literature and psychology drive his interest in for mind and body wellness.
Britanny Burr
Britanny is a Canadian Writer, Editor, and Digital Marketing Specialist currently based in Alberta & NYC. Britanny is fascinated by emerging technology and can't get enough of blockchain and crypto news.
Alex Oleinic
Alex spent over five years covering the US hedge fund industry and publicly-traded companies. As the investment community became interested in cryptocurrencies and blockchain, Alex was tasked with writing about this new industry and recently he has decided to make it a bigger focus of his writing career.
Burgess Powell
A New York-based editor for Blocklr, Burgess is passionate about blockchain and crypto as both technology and social movement. She is invested in bitcoin and several altcoins, though she wishes she had bought sooner.
Danilo Stojanovic
A gamer in his free time, with a huge appreciation for different cultures and food (especially Japan). Currently in love with UFC, Blockchain and martial arts.
Nick Lindsey
Nick is a Blocklr writer reporting on all things crypto. He currently lives in New York City with his partner and two cats.