This new Bitfinex app lets you trade on the go. The exchange’s new mobile app has the speed and functionality of trading on their website.

The central goal of the new launch was to accommodate on-the-go cryptocurrency traders. “We want people to be able to quickly pull out their phones and understand their current progress in one glance” Bitfinex explained in their recent announcement.

Two main landing pages appear when a user logs into the Bitkinex app. One for trading and one for funding. Users will see the page’s unfiltered widgets. They can then customize which widgets they’d like to see per their needs and interests.

What’s on the Bitfinex App?

In addition to customizable, responsive widgets, the Bitfinex app has many new features.

It has persistent settings, meaning your settings can carry over to multiple devices. Themes are also available to customize your experience further. Regarding accessibility, the app supports iPhone X and other phones with notches. A “more friendly” tablet experience is available, as well.

Additionally, biometric identification is available so users can unlock their app using fingerprint or face recognition.

The exchange assures customers that all of the old app’s features will carry over, so there is no need to worry about missing features.

Other Developments

Along with the announcement of the new Bitfinex app, the exchange also put forth their plans for the future. They intend to launch Ethfinex and EOSfinex versions of the app, continue to improve UI, add customizable push notifications and price alerts, integrate the Honey Framework, and more.

If you have a suggestion on how they can improve upon their platform, they’ve opened up the floor for discussion. “Please feel free to reach out to us on Telegram if you’d like to make a suggestion,” they explained.

Beta Testing the New Bitfinex App

You can now sign up to begin using the beta version of the new Bitfinex app. The beta stage is set to help the exchange ensure the app works perfectly across all devices before the full public release. If you’d like to start trading on the go, fill out the google sheet at the bottom of their announcement.