Crypto exchange Bithumb will pay back 70% of fees to overseas users during an upcoming promotional event. Here’s when and where international crypto traders can go to benefit from Bithumb’s offer.

Bithumb to Give 70% of Fees Back

This event will occur between October 21 and November 22. Specifically, it only applies to users of Bithumb exchange outside of Korea.

There are some other conditions to take advantage of the promotion. The exchange takes into account the entire trading volume recorded over the duration of the event. Only traders with a volume of over 1.0 billion Bithumb Cash (KRW) (around $890,000) can receive the payback.

However, the payback will take place between December 10 and December 14. Moreover, users will receive their fees in cryptocurrency. Bithumb will randomly select the cryptocurrencies among those it owns at the time.

The promotion is not available to those that have previously participated in other payback events.

More Benefits for New Members

The payback is not the only promotion applicable to Bithumb international users. For newly registered users, Bithumb provides 20,000 KRW, which is around $18. The event is taking place between October 15 and November 15.

To qualify for gift crypto, the newly registered member must execute trades with an aggregate volume of over 20 million KRW, $18,000, during the duration of the event. The exchange will award the 20,000 KRW between December 3 and December 7.

International traders can take advantage of both the payback and the gift if they satisfy the conditions.

Bithumb’s New Exchange

On October 15, Bithumb launched a new decentralized exchange. It stores all of the platform’s assets in smart contracts. This makes Bithumb DEX more secure compared to centralized exchanges.

To celebrate the launch, DEX also launched two promotional events. The first event allows traders to conduct transactions on the exchange without paying any fees until November 15.

The second event involves an airdrop of 500 Ethereum (ETH), approximately $100,000. The coins will be distributed to the top 1,000 traders that used the platform for at least 2 weeks and will be based on the trading volume.