In discussions about cryptocurrency, a common cause of hesitation or skepticism among potential investors is tangibility. Cryptocurrency can’t be held, seen, or physically passed from hand to hand. It’s mysterious in this way, and it’s mysterious nature frightens those on the periphery of the crypto community. With a new partnership, this criticism may soon be a thing of the past. With the start of a CoolBitX and Litecoin foundation $13M partnership. In addition, CoolBitX has begun its global launch of their revolutionary hardware, CoolWallet S.

The CoolWallet S Hardware

Imagine a cryptocurrency wallet that you can hold in your hands. If you’re having difficulty imagining what that might look like, picture this: the hardware resembles a credit card. CoolWallet S is not the first hardware wallet, but it is certainly the first of its kind. The front of the hardware has a small screen which displays an e-link. The display shows currency balances, currency amounts, seeds, and addresses. The CoolWallet S hardware works by pairing with either an iOS or Android app. As of now, CoolWallet S is comparable with the following cryptocurrencies: Litecoin, bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, Bitcoin Cash, and ERC20. The wallet will be available for only $99.

How Will CoolWallet S Impact Crypto and Blockchain?

CoolBitX founder, Michael Ou, believes the introduction of CoolWallet S will act as a bridge between blockchain and the general public. This may be the ticket to mass adoption and the answer to the individuals seeking tangibility from the world of cryptocurrency. Similarly, Litecoin’s creator, Charlie Lee, believes CoolWallet S to be the best hardware crypto wallet in existence. Though other hardware wallets exist, CoolWallet S’s superior ease of use is what sets it apart. Previously, hardware wallets were inaccessible to the general public and useful only for individuals already informed about and involved in crypto trading. This development has the potential to integrate crypto transactions into the retail space.

The CoolBitX and Litecoin Foundation Collaboration

Not only is this collaboration notable on account of the CoolWallet S software, it is simply notable in and of itself. CoolBitX and Litecoin are both key players in cryptocurrency and blockchain. The joining of forces between the two crypto giants paves way for other remarkable developments of this nature.