The new HTC Exodus 1 smartphone is now available for pre-order exclusively with cryptocurrency. More specifically, you can only buy it with Ethereum (ETH) or Bitcoin (BTC).

Here’s a closer look at this cryptocurrency smartphone’s specs and price.

What Is the HTC Exodus 1?

The HTC smartphone comes with a 6-inch quad HD+ display. It also has for cameras. Two main camera sensors are 12- and 16-megapixel. The front camera has two sensors with 8 megapixels each.

Underneath, the Exodus 1 has a 3500mAh battery, which is average. Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 CPU and 6 GB of RAM is typical of most high-end Android-powered smartphones.

One more feature is that the phone is dust and water resistant with IP68.

Why It’s Meant For Crypto

There are several features that make the Exodus 1 a smartphone for cryptocurrency investors. Keep in mind that it isn’t a hot wallet or a cold wallet.

The two main characteristics are its secure enclave and social key recovery.

Secure Enclave

One of the main features of Exodus 1 is that it has a secure enclave. A secure enclave is a secondary processor that handles all the sensitive information. Even if the phone’s operating system is hacked, the data in the secure enclave remains safe.

The new HTC smartphone uses the security enclave to store keys to crypto wallets. Moreover, it can store crypto assets, like the popular CryptoKitties tokens, which Apple has recently banned.

Social Key Recovery

In addition, HTC has fitted the new phone with a social key recovery mechanism. One of the main problems for cryptocurrency owners is misplacing or losing the private keys that grant them access to the cryptocurrency.

In Exodus 1’s case, the user can set up several friends to keep parts of the keys. HTC has created an algorithm that shares parts of the data with other smartphones that also need to download the special app. If needed, the data can be later pieced together.

How Much Does an HTC Exodus 1 Cost?

A new Exodus one costs 0.15 BTC or 4.78 ETH, which close to $960 at present. Shipping is estimated from December 2018. As of right now, buyers can order the early access smartphone on HTC’s website.

This new smartphone comes amidst recent moves to make cryptocurrency investing easier and safer. For instance, Shark Tank‘s Kevin O’Leary just invested in an app that converts your spare change into Bitcoin.