French fashion magazine L’Officiel is giving out $100 million of a fashion cryptocurrency they’re calling “Taste Tokens.” Here’s how to receive L’Officiel cryptocurrency for free.

Fashion Cryptocurrency

L’Officiel is a leading French fashion magazine. The media group publishes in 27 countries.

Under the leadership of Benjamin Eymere, L’Officiel is launching their own cryptocurrency based on their blockchain platform. In total, L’Officiel will be giving out $100 million in Taste Tokens to 500,000 subscribers. Each Taste Tokens is worth $50.

How will they determine who receives their fashion cryptocurrency? Some will receive L’Officiel cryptocurrency thanks to their income level and social status, i.e. meaning their clout in the French fashion community. Celebrities, fashion icons and trendsetters will receive between $50,000 and $100,000 worth, depending on their classification.

However, anyone can receive L’Officiel cryptocurrency by answering a survey. How much can you earn? A single person can receive $2,500 in L’Officiel cryptocurrency for answering questions and supplying data.

Why Combine Crypto and Fashion?

Why is a leading French fashion magazine releasing its own cryptocurrency? Digital currency’s benefits go beyond discussions at Harvard and Columbia universities. In other words, it has real-life applications in a variety of unexpected industries, including fashion.

Specifically, L’Officiel wants to create a currency that bridges the gap between advertisers and consumers, all while protecting their readers’ data. It’s based on the principle that digital data and time is valuable.

L’Officiel cryptocurrency is similar to the Basic Attention Token (BAT). This token compensates users for viewing advertisements and products.

You Can Spend this Crypto on Bags, Jewelry and Perfume

What is the point of Taste Tokens? L’Officiel advertisers can make specific products available to buy with cryptocurrency, According to WWD, Chanel is offering perfume, Michael Kors is selling bags and Dior is supplying jewelry.

As is the case with readers and cryptocurrency recipients, advertisers can choose different packages, too.

Fashion Advertising and Crypto

L’Officiel’s crypto is just one step in a larger move to change the way we share data that gives advertisers more accurate information, and consumers more privacy.

Though blockchain technology and fashion appear to be entirely different industries, L’Officiel cryptocurrency shows that this distinction is tenuous. Whether discussing how you spend IOTA, fashion cryptocurrency or security tokens, there are more options than ever.