Episode 6 of “The Ripple Drop” is officially here. The web series looks inside Ripple Labs, and the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain.

In this particular episode, they cover how the company is doing so far,  with a specific focus on xVia. The new episode of “The Ripple Drop” also dives into Ripple’s Q3 figures and puts forth new information.

“The Ripple Drop” Web Series

This web video series is brought to you by Ripple, the company. Keep in mind that Ripple is both a company and a cryptocurrency, XRP, that you can buy like any other crypto.

The web series was introduced on July 2, 2018. Ripple releases a new episode on the first and third Monday of every month. “The Ripple Drop” covers topics that relate to their customer base, technology, products, and company culture.

The series’ host, Reinhard Cate, speaks to many prominent individuals around Ripple Labs. This can mean discussing job openings, a hot topic since blockchain engineers make more than software engineers.

In the introductory episode of the series, Reinhard Cate also speaks to Catherine Coley, head of XRP Institutional Liquidity. They talk about why Liquidity is important.

Furthermore, Asheesh Birla, SVP of Product, discusses new products and their role in their respective industries. In the latest episode of “The Ripple Drop,” Asheesh Birla, makes another appearance to discuss Ripple xVia, xRapid, and xCurrent.

This is the company’s new software for international transactions that they specifically built for large financial institutions. Similarly, Amazon is developing blockchain software for their corporate clients in Asia.

Episode 6: xVia And Q3 Numbers

Asheesh Birla goes into detail about how xVia, xRapid, and xCurrent work together in one platform to improve the payment experience. Next, Cate speaks to Craig DeWitt, Director of Product, to talk about RippleNet’s multi-hop feature.

“Multi-hop gives RippleNet members the ability to transact with banks or payment providers or digital wallets that they don’t have a direct relationship to. That’s so important because in today’s world you need a bunch of bilateral relationships clunkily put together in a chain to move money. Multi-hop makes that a thing of the past,” DeWitt explains in latest episode of “The Ripple Drop.”

Lastly, Cate speaks with Cory Johnson, Chief Market Strategist, about their Q3 XRP Markets Report. According to Johnson, Ripple’s institutional business—meaning software purchases by companies rather than people— is up nearly 400% since last quarter.

In Q3, Ripple ended its legal battle with R3 and sold roughly $163 million USD in XRP. Johnson went on to discuss the Q3 escrow activity.

“The Ripple Drop” allows the Ripple community to keep in touch with Ripple’s latest developments and inner workings. Though Ripple transactions are not as fast as Nano (NANO)’s, adoption is growing quickly, per their web series.