News broke recently that cryptocurrency company Vault is launching a new wallet specifically for non-fungible tokens and crypto collectibles. In and of itself, this is not necessarily groundbreaking news. But what is interesting is the fact that the platform will be available on the Apple App Store. After what appeared to be some antagonism toward crypto collectibles, it looks as if Apple now allows crypto collectible wallets. Which comes with a surprise, but familiarity as Google just ended crypto related ad bans.

Vault’s New Crypto Collectible Wallet

Apple Now Allows Crypto Collectible Wallets

While Vault’s new app is designed specifically for crypto collectibles, it ultimately aims to make it easy for casual users to start using blockchain tools.

For many consumers, the worlds of cryptocurrency and blockchain remain confusing and potentially intimidating. That’s largely because they tend to be heavy on the tech side of things. But now, Vault hopes to change that image.

For starters, Vault designed the app to be very easy to use. After downloading the app, users can purchase crypto collectibles. From there, they can store and access their collectibles directly on Vault’s new app.

Additionally, the app lets people add friends as contacts who they can then interact with using the platform. Importantly, the app automatically stores user information so that people do not need to worry about long or complicated wallet addresses.

At this point, it appears that the app will not be geared toward any sort of trading. Rather, it’s focused primarily on giving consumers an easy and accessible way to begin interacting with blockchain technology.

Similarly, the app aims to give consumers an easy way to dabble with the concept of cryptocurrency by enabling them to buy and hold collectibles for fun or as a hobby.

Apple Now Allows Crypto Collectible Wallets

Crypto Collectible Dapp Pulled from Coinbase Wallet at Apple’s Request

The other interesting side of the story has to do with Apple. And while Apple did not have anything to do with creating the app, it could be important that Apple’s App Store is making the program available to consumers.

In August, Apple made headlines when it ordered Coinbase to remove an app called War Riders. In War Riders, players are able to access unique vehicles, each of which is technically a crypto collectible.

Additionally, the game features its own tokens called Benzene. During gameplay, players drive around in their one of a kind, collectible vehicles. As they do, they can collect Benzene tokens.

Toward the end of August, Apple requested that Coinbase remove the app. Apple did not provide any clear reason for the request. Nor did the company explain its apparent antagonism for crypto collectibles and wallets. But many noted that it wasn’t the first time Apple has had problems with the cryptocurrency community.

In fact, the company has previously removed other crypto apps and wallets from its App Store. These moves have elicited confusion from many. In particular, uncertainty has arisen largely because Apple has not actually banned non-fungible tokens.

In any case, Vault’s new app could signal a change of attitude at Apple. Specifically, the fact that Apple now allows crypto collectible wallets could mean that the company is becoming more open to the possibilities of cryptocurrency. Even allowing Apple products purchased with cryptocurrency.