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Startups are newly emerged business ventures which aim to fill a need or solve a problem in a specific marketplace. They are subject to a high degree of uncertainty and, unfortunately, have high failure rates. Though with that said, many notable startups have grown into massive corporations. In the realm of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, countless startups have emerged that utilize these innovative technologies. Because crypto and blockchain are still in their infancy, it is difficult to predict the fates of these new businesses, though many of them have experienced a great deal of success already. The startups in the world of digital currency and distributed ledger technology are all vastly different. The span across industries such as music, entertainment, identity verification, sporting, shipping and receiving, and more. Some of these companies aim to provide a particular service, such as verifying identities on blockchain and others intend to tackle large-scale issues such as green energy and waste management. As the demand for crypto and blockchain services continues to grow, more companies emerge, and more jobs are becoming available with these sorts of startups. Additionally, this opens an entirely new avenue for investors. Namely, many emerging businesses in this sphere begin with ICOs (initial coin offerings). ICOs are a new way for businesses to raise investments. In these instances, new companies sell their native cryptocurrency in exchange for Bitcoin or Ether. Or, companies run IPOs (initial public offerings), in which they sell shares of their companies. The emergence of new startups is exciting for many reasons. Firstly, they often propose innovative solutions to problems our society is facing, either on a small scale or large. Additionally, the provide unique investment opportunities and countless potential job opportunities in many different industries. The world of cryptocurrency and blockchain startups is beginning to attract a number of big names in the tech industry, and some especially notable ICOs have raised millions and billions of dollars to make their innovative ideas a reality.