Bittrex opens Enjin (ENJ) market as of today. A tweet announced that Bittrex, the US-based cryptocurrency exchange, will now provide an open market for Enjin (ENJ). Enjin launched their ICO last year, raising 75k ETH to fund Enjin Coin. Further, now that it is on Bittrex, the trading and purchasing of the coin on this major platform has sent ENJ’s market cap up 5%. Both investors and gamers alike are excited to welcome the new crypto to Bittrex’s other 190+ coins.

Complete Blockchain Game Development Platform

What sets Enjin (ENJ) apart from other tokens and ICOs is its all-encompassing blockchain platform. The free platform is designed for creating, integrating, and scaling tokenized games. Furthermore, the allure comes from the ability to add blockchain to a game without any code. Additionally, the ability to completely customize and build tokens from scratch.

Created for the Gaming World

The Enjin use case applications are broad and include several popular gaming structures:

  • Video Games: Create new levels with blockchain or design new multiverse games with MMOs and MOBAs.
  • DApp Games: Both senior developers and those with no coding knowledge can utilize the ENJ platform to create crypto-collectible DApps.
  • eSports: Make custom tokens, and add to online interactions by allowing prizes to be sent to eSports fans.
  • Rewards: Gamify and incentivize your community with tokens to spend outside the game.

Create and Integrate Gaming Tokens

Create the token that is right for the game:

  • Non-Fungible Tokens: Create custom gaming assets with the ERC-721 token.
  • Fungible Tokens: Simulate coins, cards, gold – anything you want you players to find.
  • Modular: Bound tokens, whitelists and more to add revenue.
  • Mint & Melt: Back the game tokens with ENJ and allow users to melt them for real-life value.
  • Integrate: Use the ENJ SDK or create your own smart contract.
  • Scale: Use Efinity the instant token scaling network backed by ENJ.

Match Made in Token Heaven

Enjin Network has a community of 20 million users. Bittrex has around 250,000 new users per day. Putting the two together seems to be a promising collaboration for both traders and gamers.”The Ethereum of Gaming” could bring us into a new frontier of blockchain and gaming and opens up a new token to trade in the process.