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Beginner guides, information, and tips. If you are new to the world of digital currency and distributed ledger systems, there is a lot to learn. Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency emerged in 2008 and 2009, respectively. Since then, many developments have been introduced, improving upon and altering the original technologies. If you are a crypto or blockchain technology beginner, you may be wondering a number of things. For instance, what is cryptocurrency? What is blockchain technology? And what is Bitcoin? Furthermore, how can these things be used, how will they impact your life, and how will they affect the world. Once you have a conceptual grasp on the topics, there are a few more steps to gain a full understanding for a beginner. For example, after you familiarize yourself with what they are, you must decide how you would like to engage with the emerging technologies. Would you like to invest in cryptocurrency yourself? Are you interested in using decentralized applications (dApps) on a blockchain? Or beyond your personal life, are you looking to incorporate the technologies in your professional life? There are endless use cases for blockchain technology and crypto, it is just a matter of becoming aware of them and then selecting which are right for you. For beginners, you can never learn too much. Even if you are not planning to invest or actively engage in the world of digital currency, it’s worth becoming familiar with. For a beginner, any new wave of technology can be incredibly intimidating and disorienting. With new technological developments come new concepts, terminology and slang, methods, and ways of thinking. From Twitter to leading news sources, cryptocurrency and blockchain technology are everywhere. Gaining basic knowledge of the concepts is invaluable. From basic information to learning how to purchase digital currency, learn everything you need to know. Are you a crypto and blockchain beginner? This is your resource.