ICON’s Blockchain Seoul project collaborates with the Seoul Metropolitan Government to demonstrate voting on blockchain. The project was showcased at the Blockchain International Digital Festival.

ICON has used blockchain technology to put forth an alternative voting practice which aims to create a more stable and democratic society.

Blockchain technology holds endless possibilities for various use cases. One of these is voting and governance. Blockchain has the potential to radically impact the way we vote. The Blockchain Seoul demonstration by ICON brought made voting on blockchain tangible during their presentation.

Why Vote on Blockchain?

Voting on blockchain is an alternative to paper ballots of electronic voting machines. Shifting voting to distributed ledgers could impact voting procedures in many ways.

For one, it may increase the number of active voters by eliminating the need to go to a physical polling station.

Additionally, it could increase security decrease fraud in the voting system, similar to Ticketmaster’s mission to curb fraud with blockchain.

Furthermore, the results are available to everyone, though they are still anonymous.

More on ICON And Blockchain Seoul

ICON is a South Korean company which developed a blockchain and its native cryptocurrency, ICX. In collaboration with the Seoul Government, they have created three blockchain apps to revolutionize the way we vote.

ICON demonstrated the following applications: INCON Blockchain Identification Card, INCO Blockchain Vote, and INCO Blockchain S-Coin Payments. Each of these three applications falls under the Blockchain Seoul project.

The ID card is a simple digital identification. In fact, the setup only takes a few minutes. The S-Coin Payments system allows users to transact without cash. They merely scan codes with the smartphones to purchase products in real-time.

Lastly, Blockchain Vote. This voting system is part of ICONLOOP’s collaboration with the Korea National Information Society Agency and the Korea National Election Commission.

How Does Blockchain Voting Work?

Blockchain Vote by ICON is quite simple to use. Once a user has created an ICON ID card, they then can vote on the company’s blockchain voting system. Finally, after voting, S-Coin is rewarded to participants. Users log into the app and vote using their pre-made ICON ID card.

As the results will are on a decentralized distributed ledger, the voting itself is the only part that requires human intervention. Therefore, the counting and distribution of results are all done by blockchain.

Voting on Blockchain

Should the Blockchain Seoul project take off, it could prove to the rest of the world that there is an alternative to traditional voting methods. If Seoul adopts blockchain for voting, will the rest of the world follow suit? Is blockchain the future of voting?