JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon is widely known as one of Bitcoin‘s biggest critics. And the CEO just publicly condemned the world’s first cryptocurrency. This isn’t the first time Dimon has explained his critique. November 2015, Jamie Dimon spoke at the Fortune Global Forum where he first shared his opinions on crypto. During his address, he concluded that Bitcoin (BTC) “will not survive.”

In September of 2017, Dimon then spoke at an event hosted by Barclays where he declared it to be a “fraud.” However, he later said he regretted that specific declaration. Later, in June 2018, he warned the public, “just beware” when it comes to cryptocurrency. Here is Dimon’s latest critique of crypto.

JP Morgan CEO, Jamie Dimon, “Doesn’t Give a Sh*t about Bitcoin”

On October 30th, Jamie Dimon shared some more of his thoughts.

At the Axios conference in Lost Angeles, Dimon was asked again about his views and his retracted statement about BTC’s unlikelihood of survival.

He responded: “I never changed what I said, I just regret having said it. I didn’t want to be the spokesman against Bitcoin. I don’t really give a sh*t, that’s the point, okay? Blockchain is real, it’s technology, but bitcoin is not the same as a fiat currency.”

BTC Turns Ten

Dimon’s most recent comments about around the cryptocurrency’s 10th birthday. On October 31st, 2008, Satoshi Nakamoto released the Bitcoin whitepaper.

Jamie Dimon has expressed his regret for his comment. Though, he is still bullish about the crypto’s invalidity and instability. He consistently reiterates that it is not fiat currency. The JP Morgan CEO does testify to the important nature of blockchain technology, but he doesn’t indicate a change of heart in regards to Bitcoin.

Though he has strong views about Bitcoin, he has stated that he does not wish to be a spokesperson for the cryptocurrency. Instead, he simply doesn’t care about it.