Multi-asset brokerage company eToro has released a new ad that features Kristian Nairn, otherwise known as Hodor on Game of Thrones, in their latest cryptocurrency investment ad.

The ad features Nairn who keeps saying “HODL” in response to people panicking about a Bitcoin crash.

What Is eToro’s Ad About?

The ad starts with Kristian Nairn sitting in his agent’s office reading a book titled “How to Break Out of Your Old Character”. The agent then proceeds to give him proposals for various ads where Nairn could star.

However, all ads are directly related to Nairn’s performance in Game of Thrones and involve him carrying a product on his back and supposedly saying the word Hodor.

In Game of Thrones, Nairn’s character, Hodor, is a simple-minded servant of the House of Stark. He can only say one word: Hodor. It’s derived from the phrase “Hold the Door”, which he heard during the seizure that caused his disability in the first place.

The fact that Nairn is asked to carry a product on his back is another reference to the series. In Game of Thrones, Hodor carries Bran Stark on his back.

After hearing all the proposals, Nairn breaks down and asks the agent for an acting job that won’t reference carrying Bran Stark and won’t require him to say Hodor.

More specifically, he says he would like the ad to feature him in an office and with a tie. The next scene shows Nairn in an office elevator wearing a shirt and tie. He is holding the elevator doors and with an unamused expression keeps saying “HODL”.

HODL is a popular term in the crypto community that refers to keeping cryptocurrency instead of selling it. “Hodl,” or “hold on for dear life” while the cryptocurrency market rises and falls. HODL is one of the most popular cryptocurrency slang you’ll see on Twitter and Reddit.

Hodor Is Famous Among Cryptocurrency Investors

eToro’s ad is funny and creative—and particularly well-suited to the cryptocurrency community. Though Game of Thrones is popular everywhere, there are a lot of cryptocurrency memes referencing Hodor already.

In essence, Hodor already represents HODL, just like “When Lambo?” lets everyone know you’re a cryptocurrency king.